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Our farm is home to happy, pasture-fed, rare-breed animals who live the way nature intended. We produce most of our own food naturally, and serve it to our guests at breakfast.

Our aim is to offer our guests a true experience of the Irish countryside, and of an Irish pastoral tradition that goes back centuries.

At Rigney's Farmhouse, you will enjoy an experience that will show the wonder of the country life.

We find our guest love to linger in the house, explore our small holding where our animals live happily together, and get close to the true natural world, all the while relaxing and enjoying special time-out.

Our neighbouring Forest Park is perfect for walking, birdwatching and enjoying all seasons.

Our Forest and William Wordsworth

Curraghchase Forest Park offers 700 acres of pristine nature and woods, including a 1,500 year-old yew wood. The park is unspoilt, and little known: you can walk for hours here in perfect peace and silence.

You will be walking in the footsteps of William Wordsworth, who was a frequent visitor to Curraghchase House when it was inhabited by Sir Aubrey de Vere, parliamentarian and poet (1788-1846), and Alfred Lord Tennyson, another famous visitor and poet. The most famous poet of the de Vere family, however, was Aubrey's son, Aubrey Thomas de Vere. In all, the de Vere family were associated with Curraghchase for over 300 years, until the house and grounds passed into the ownership of the Department of Lands in 1957.



We're delighted to welcome school tours to Rigney's Farm to experience a traditional, Irish working farm. Students can experience feeding the animals, see Caroline at work making homemade sausages and rashers and go for a leisurely walk in Curraghchase Forest Park next store.



Located just next to Curraghchase Forest Park, Rigney's Farm is a perfect location to stop in for heart-warming lunch of soup and homemade sandwiches, fruit scones and delicious coffee and teas. By pre-booking only, groups of up to twelve are catered for.



Rigney's Farm is the ideal stop for your coach tour. Stop for freshly baked scones and a cuppa and stretch your legs by walking the farm. Include an activity if you wish - baking soda bread, or making butter the traditional way. 


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