We are Caroline & Joe Rigney

Our farming story began in 1998 following a trip to limerick where we found a delightful field for sale.  We had been searching for many years for our idyllic field. We decided to put in an offer to purchase this field in Limerick, and to our delight, it was accepted, and there begins our story.

It all happened quite quickly, they say "if it's meant for you, it won't pass you by" This was August 1998, in the months ahead we drew up plans for our new house and farm, and applied to Limerick Council for planning permission, which was accepted.  We moved on to the site in August 1999 ready for children, Rebecca and Rachel, to start the local school in Kilcornan.

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Our Story

To save money and to make the project viable we moved into the garage first which allowed us to live on the site and work on building the house. In May 2000, we moved into a rather unfinished house, which was ready for Rachel's first communion. The years went by, we settled in nicely and we made loads of friends. 

At this stage, we have acquired some farm animals, and Joe has now successfully moved his stone building and paving business to Limerick and is getting plenty of work. In 2005 we decided to open the house as a Bed & Breakfast, which we enjoyed very much! At this point in time we were very self-sufficient living off the land and started producing rashers and sausages, and learning the art of making black and white puddings, to add to our delicious breakfast. 

Why We Do It

Living on the land, farming and producing our own food, have allowed us to grow in commune with the land physically, mentally and emotionally, which we believe is our true heritage. It is also allowed us to earn a good living, by selling our own produce - listen to the Live 95 FM interview below to find out more about our life on Rigney's Farm. 

Organic Food County Limerick Rigney's Farm
Segment from Live 95 FM
I get paid to do this - Caroline Rigney

Come and Visit Us! 

If you want to enjoy the rural countryside and experience a working rare-breed farm, in beautiful Limerick, enjoy the food we make on the farm, why not come and stay with us as a guest at Rigney's Farmhouse? New for 2023 we are offering restful, restorative retreats