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What a start to the day!

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What a start to they day breakfast Rigneys guesthouse B&B Ireland

As morning breaks, the smell of bread baking in the oven brings Rigney's Farmhouse to life, signaling a breakfast that is simply unique: we know no other B&B that rears, produces and cooks the elements of the traditional Irish breakfast, and does so completely naturally.

There is sweet-cured bacon; rich black pudding; warm soda bread; a hen's egg laid that very morning; and sausages made from nothing other than fresh pork. All from our farm, all expertly prepared by us, and cooked by us.

All Together Now! For our B&B guests, we are delighted to cater for those with specific dietary requirements - gluten-free, vegetarian, GAPS diet, WAP (Weston A Price) diet. We would appreciate it if you could let us know your dietary requirements in advance of your stay.


"The food here is superb, from the pot of tea, fresh sones and homemade jam on arrival (you wouldn't get nicer in a five star hotel) to the really top-class breakfast of hand-reared and home-cured pork products and free-range freshly-laid eggs"

Censoriusmatron from Dublin, Ireland



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